Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Wonder Film Notes

Film Notes  
Intro - close-up, spaceman jumps into the shot, slow-motion shot give the feeling we are in the space.
- intro symbol of the astronaut helmet, covers his face, represents the barrier August puts between himself and the world
-Music - Start quiet, slow but the tempo and dynamics increase to build energy in the scene. We hear a radio of ground control talking to Astronaut.
- Next is a tracking shot  as we move away from the figure. It is now a boy in a helmet jumping on the bed.
- Close up shows us auggies 'reality' or view of the real world but as we pull back we see the real world.

1st narrator     2nd narrator     3rd narrator     4th narrator     Last narrator 
 - Auggie         - Via                - Jack              - Miranda        - Auggie

  • Quote Dad/Nate - ''It's like leading a lamb to the slaughter''

2 mins - Building suspense as we still haven't seen the boys face. We don't know whats wrong but hints it's bad - hospital scene, helmet, tags, school convo, Auggies dialogue in the voice cover

Star Wars - a symbol of Auggie wanting people to treat him normally - a safe place. In the star Wars universe there are lots or weird looking people so no one stares at them.
  • Seen - Auggie introduces self, pandawon braid,

  • Quote Summer '' when being given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind'

Halloween Scene

Body Language > Change, now has head held high, walking with confident stride, interacting with others.
Music - Happy/ upbeat - monster mash, fast tempo, lots of energy.
- When he hears Jack saying 'if I look like him I'd kill myself - music tempo gets slow, quiet dynamics to make us focus, use of diagetic sound - kids laughter.
Symbols - Halloween mask - physical/barrier between other's and Auggie.
- Star Wars character Darth Sideous  used by Julian to make fun of Auggie

Significant - We see Auggie lose faith in the idea of friendship -  If Jack can be that mean behind his back how can he trust others

Links to the scene - Popularity and Acceptance we see this through Jack as he says what he knows Julian wants to hear so he doesn't become the target - get picked on.

Jacks Fight Scene: 1.06

- Starts a eye level - mid/ medium shot, makes us feel a part of the convo.
- Sound are diagetic
- Low angle shot as boys hit ground, this makes the fight seem more dangerous. Moves to a close up of the struggle.
- Dutch tilt and low angle make Jack look more aggressive and violent.
- Music - minor(sad), quiet dynamic - creates focus and intense, slow tempo.
- Shot in slow-mo so we see the event more clearly.

Significant - shows the theme of popularity/acceptance. Jack has learnt from his mistakes and it is standing up for his friend.

The Nature Reserve fight Scene: 1.29-1.32

During fight shots used to make Auggie and friends bigger - more powerful and the bullies weak and vulnerable.
Music has fast tempo to build intensity.

Significant - Auggie has grown as a character, he is now willing to stand up for himself.
-Friendship - Auggie finally feels accepted when the other boys doesn't have to hide behind a mask anymore.

High Jump & Long Jump

High Jump.
Fosbury Flop.
1. Land with your arms and your feet facing up. Land on your back.
2. When you take off it should be on 1 foot.
3. When you leave the ground you must spin around and use knee to turn.

Long Jump
1. Run up is 21 steps.
2. Take off will be from the second marker.
3. Land will be measured from the back foot.
4. Land with both feet together.
5. If you are over the second marker when you jump it is a fowl jump.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

English Film Language

Body Language: Used for the characters mood. How the character is played.
Costumes: Costumes that can be used to describe characters personality.
Hairstyles: A persons hair that is cut or arranged.
Make-Up: Lipsticks or power applied to the face to enhance the character appearance.
Colour: Used to set the mood of characters or scene. Yellow is used as happy and red is used as angry.
Lightning: The arrangement or effect of lights
Props: Used on the set of a play or movie.
Setting: Where an event takes place
Dialogue: Conversation between two or more people as a feature of the book, film, movies.
Sound effects: A sound other than speech or music made artificially for use in a play, movie or film.
Music: Describes an ongoing scene
Silence: No sound for a serious acting
Symbol: a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function.

Special FX: Used to create a more realistic look for the film or movie.

PE Hurumanu: Athletics Scores

Goal: My goal for Term 1 Athletics is for me to improve my scores.

Shot put.
14 Ft
23 Ft - 1 Kg
High Jump
1.45 m
Long Jump
3.3 m
100m Sprints


Hurumanu 1 - Sustainability - Maths/Social Science
Hurumanu 2 - Inside and out - English/Science
Hurumanu 3 - Chemicals and Chaos - Science/Social Studies
Hurumanu 4 - Money Money Money - Maths/English
Hurumanu 5 - Making Waves - Maths/Science
Hurumanu 6 - Power to the people - English/Social Studies
Hurumanu 7 - Sport - PE
Hurumanu 8 - Akomanga Hauora - Health

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

How To Properly Throw Shot put and Discus

Today in our PE hurumanu we were practising how to properly throw Shout put. First thing we needed was shot then we partnered up by 2's. Then he showed us how to hold the shot in the middle of the palm and hold  it with 3 finger and the thumb. I tried out all the shot, there were some heavier and some lights ones.

Discus Techniques.

1. Roll off you small finger.
2. Wrap 4 fingers around it.
3. Stand side on to the line.
4. I wind-up. (Not 3)

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Self Directed Learner

Today at our first day of Hurumanu called Inside out we were asked to highlight green if you know you can already do that and the yellow highlight is for the one that your not kinda there yet and you want to work on more. So this is the one I did, I got 3 greens and 5 yellows. Also we had to pick one yellow and write how are you gonna achieve that, I chose catch up on work because sometimes I fall behind on work.

As a Self Directed Learner I
  • Have a positive attitude to all parts of learning including setbacks. 
  • Know what skills I need to develop so I can learn. 
  • Can tell others the ways how I like to learn and what suits me best. 
  • Know what work I need to complete and set goals based on this.
  • Manage my learning time so I complete all tasks.
  • Catch up on work I miss or fall behind on in my own time. 
  • I will not mind other people’s business to focus and get the work done.
  • I will sleep early to not be lazy doing work at 
  • I will not waste time talking with my friends so I can finish work.
  • Ask for feedback when I am unsure. 
  • I reflect on my learning by asking:
  • How do I know what I’ve learned?
  • Can I explain what I’ve learnt to someone else?
  • Can I apply what I’ve learned when creating my work. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas Celebration

Today we did a DLO about Christmas. We had to write what we do at Christmas and this is the DLO I made.

I hope you like it!